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What's New ?

My aim is to continually update my page to keep it fresh & interesting.   Please check back regularly to see what I've been up to.

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Last Update: March 02, 2014

March 2014

I've not quite given up with the old site yet!

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July 2012

  • Amazing new plans for Hotel QE2 in Dubai, which are delighting QE2 fans around the world.  Click here for more.

December 2011

  • QE2 to Host fabulous New Year's Party - the first time she's opened to the public for more than three years!  News travels like wildfire around the world, proving how popular QE2 still is.  More here.

September 2011

August 2011

May 2011

March 2011

November 2010

  • A look back at 2 years of waiting for the poor old QE2 - QE2 News 2010

July 2010

  • Although the situation with QE2 is unchanged, I have added a note on the QE2 News 2010 page to say so - QE2 News 2010

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September 2006

  • I captured some wonderful bridgecam pictures from QE2 of her making a rare stormy transatlantic crossing and arriving in New York at dawn - with the manhattan skyline over her bow.  It was awesome to watch.  I just wish I'd been there.  Click here to view.

August 2006

  • SS Norway / SS France / "Blue Lady" is finally dragged onto the beach at Alang shipbreakers after a very long struggle.  Link to pictures here.

July 2006

  • 1st - Blue Lady/SS Norway/SS France - the end gets even closer. Story here.

June 2006

May 2006

April 2006

  • Updated my "sexist Mini Adverts" page for the first time in about 8 or 9 years.  For some reason, despite never updating this page, its stayed incredibly popular...
  • Further to occasional email requests, and many inaccuracies on the internet, I've created a page detailing QE2's fuel consumption and MPG.  And yes it does do more than 6 inches per gallon...

March 2006

February 2006

January 2006

  • New Queen Mary link added with pictures of her beautiful original art deco interiors.
  • New QE2 link added with pictures and plans of her original layouts.

November 2005

  • Mini Books, Videos, DVDs, Games & Music page updated.
  • My write up of my Spanish Holiday in June is finally nearing completion!  I thought I'd better do it while I could still remember what happened...
  • Link added to my QE2 News Page with news of her possibly continuing for another decade!
  • Link added to my QM2 page with Amazing photos of the Queen Mary 2 during her first ever refit at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg.
  • Updated my 2004 Mini Cooper Rolling Report to reflect the fact that in over a year of use there has not been a single fault with it.

October 2005

  • Link added to QE2 Page of excellent Blog and Podcast of QE2's historic December 2004 Transatlantic crossing.

August 2005

July 2005

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March 2005

February 2005

  • I found a brochure in my old bedroom at my Mum's house from 1989 for the Mini ERA Turbo so I've scanned it in and dedicated a page to it.

January 2005

December 2004

November 2004

October 2004

September 2004

  • 30th - I have a new MINI!
  • 12th - Updates to Aquitania and Transvaal Castle pages.
  • 7th - Have added a rant about the Royal Mail - whose service has made me very angry.

August 2004

  • An amazing exchange added to the Aquitania page as WW2 veterans meet up after an initial contact on my website!
  • New section - 'The Earth' - reflecting this most important of my current interests.
  • About Me updated
  • New posting on the Aquitania page from an American WW2 veteran who travelled home on her.
  • A couple of new 'rants' added.  Sorry for no other updates just now - just been too busy having a life!

June 2004

May 2004.

April 2004

March 2004

February 2004

January 2004

  • (26th) - Added Boston Globe QM2 Article.
  • (17th) - Yet more new links added onto QM2 page!
  • (14th) - Live reviews from on board during the maiden voyage available - see my QM2 page for more information.
  • Queen Mary 2 Reviews page added with 4 reviews - prior to maiden voyage!
  • Queen Mary 2 Page updated with links to photos and information about the QM2 arriving in Southampton for the first time, her naming ceremony and her maiden voyage.
  • QE2 page updated to reflect her new position next to her younger, bigger (tackier?) sister.

December 2003

November 2003

October 2003

September 2003

August 2003

  • My domain name expires due to incompetence on the part of NetNames who, despite taking my money a month previously, did not actually renew my domain until it expired.  This left me without my website and email.  I wouldn't mind so much if they were the cheapest!

July 2003

June 2003

May 2003

April 2003

March 2003

  • Queen Mary 2 photo added to front page, with link to the French shipyard where she is being constructed added to my Queen Mary 2 page.
  • Scotland page made slightly less embarrassingly out of date, but most of it is still from 1994!!


November 2002

  • New QE2 Books & Video Shop page added
  • New Queen Mary Book & Video shop
  • Mazda Miata/MX-5 / Eunos books all revised and updated!
  • Mini books, DVDs and videos added to heavily revised Mini Shop!
  • MINI Books added to New Mini page

October 2002

September 2002

August 2002

June 2002

May 2002

April 2002

March 2002

  • Photos of my new nephew Gavin Robert Wilson added to About Me 
  • Photo of me on Ben A'an added to About Me
  • Website back online following cock-ups on behalf of my Domain Name provider and ISP.
  • My MINI Rolling Report updated to reflect my breakdown on the motorway!
  • Final Entry into Brum's Rolling Report - he's moved to Skye!

January 2002


December 2001

  • New page added about new Cunard Ocean Liner - QE3?
  • My MINI Rolling Report revised & updated
  • Ocean Liner shop Revised & Updated - even includes some videos now!
  • is now finally on a properly managed domain!  So no more adverts and tripod unreliability (but at least it was free)

November 2001

September 2001

August 2001

May 2001

April 2001

  • JFK Assassination page added (work in progress)
  • Added a wee bit about My Friends the Marianos and a photo too.
  • Updated my Brum Running Report again
  • Updated my Austin Princess Page
  • Fixed all the dozens of errors that happened after a computer crash I had last year - most of the site should now work but please let me know of any problems!!

March 2001

February 2001


December 2000

November 2000

October 2000

  • MX-5 Running Report updated.
  • Updated my site to mark the end of production of the Mini - on October 4th 2000 after 41 years in full-time production.  The Mini is dead, long live the Mini!
  • Updated my site to reflect the fact that my sexist adverts page got a whole column devoted to it in the October 4th issue of Autocar!

September 2000

  • Mini Clan Go Dutch - Photo & Story added (work in progress) of one of the best holidays I've ever had with the Mini Clan in Holland.

August 2000

July 2000

June 2000

  • Sorry, work commitments are keeping me from working on the site...please watch this space!

May 2000

April 2000

March 2000

February 2000

  • New QE2 News and Reviews.
  • New Banner one liked the last one!
  • Updated Mini Links
  • Removed Mini News, because Mini World's News is so much better & more up to date!
  • You can now easily join the Liners mailing List from my liners page.
  • Mini Clan Skiing Trip write-up with cool photos!
  • Charlie news in My Minis

January 2000


December 1999

  • New links to the new Mini Clan sites.
  • Have finally updated the photo of me on the "About Me" page following numerous comments about the fact that I actually have hair in the old photo...

November 1999

  • The Borders Run added to Scottish Events page
  • Photos from the Scottish Motorshow in Cars
  • New cartoons in Chuckles
  • New link to great new Mini Comic Strip site - Snorty & Co.
  • New/Improved Mini Links pages
  • News & Photo of the Queen Mary 2
  • New photos of me on the Cobbler in July in About Me

October 1999

  • Brand New spy-photos of the Millenium Mini!
  • New QE2 Crossing Review Added

September 1999

August 1999

  • (21st) New Mini feature - Why you should buy a 1997 onwards Mini!
  • Mini News, Scottish Mini Events page
  • I've finally done it!  I've got my own domain name - - use it for email and www from now on!
  • New Mini Links and Liner links.

July 1999

June 1999

May 1999

April 1999

March 1999

  • New Aquatania Page
  • Added MX5 to my dream cars page.
  • Added Mini"40 information and more!
  • Bookshop now includes links to as well as to cater for American, international and UK customers.

February 1999

  • New Mailing list feature added!  Join the mailing list today!  (link at top of page!)
  • I've been featured on American Television's ZDTV and on the Electronic Telegraph!   See links on Mini page.

January 1999

  • Mini Book Shop
  • Revised Voyeurism page with new links including PuppyCam!


December 1998

November 1998

  • Voyeurism page
  • Site Move - The CompuServe site proved to be too slow & unreliable with an unbelievably long URL so I've moved to Tripod - its faster, its free, and it offers FrontPage support which saves me lots of time!
  • New links on the different liners pages.
  • Search Facility
  • Contents Page

October 1998

  • Scotland Mini meet 1998 photos added.
  • New scans of the Mini 2000 countryman and convertible from Auto Express Magazine


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