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Spain 2005
Boston 2002
New England 1995
San Diego


Rob's Foreign Travels

I travelled fairly extensively in America in my 20s- seeing such places as New York, Washington DC, Boston, Hartford, Raleigh-Durham, Montreal, Rhode Island, San Diego and Los Angeles.  Mostly this was thanks to the help of my friends - see below!
I have gone many other places in Scotland and the UK (e.g. Jersey) but have never bothered to put together a web page for these trips - maybe someday when I've got nothing else to do...

Last Update:  Monday July 09, 2012

My Friends The Marianos 

Sally (see below) introduced me to her friend Carla in 1995, then in 1998 (I think!) Carla's sister Jana was studying in London and decided to come up to visit me and my family even though she didn't know any of us - a bit of a brave gamble for her but it seems to have paid off!

Our two families are now in close contact and my Mum is a good friend of Jana's mum Nancy.

My Friends Andy & Sally

Andy & SallyNone of my American trips would have happened if it wasn't for my good friends Andy & Sally McRory.

I met Andy through CompuServe's UK Forum in around 1994 where he was looking for information about Scotland - we became email pals (the modern equivalent of pen-pals).

He visited Scotland and we all had a fantastic time showing him around our wee country - he must have been impressed because he brought his wife Sally back with him in May 96 and we did it all again - even the ceilidh - he then returned in 1997 to do research for a book and again with Sally in 1999 when we toured Scotland and Ireland together.


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