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All Me on board the wonderful QE2 at the Funnel BarAbout Rob

Last Update: 15 October, 2011

Hello!  I'm Robert Lightbody "Rob to my pals", and I enjoy living in the West end of Glasgow here in Scotland.

Although I've worked in IT since 1994, this website is only about my hobbies & interests and nothing to with my career.

Please feel free to contact me or sign my guestbook.

  • The News, politics & current affairs - I'm a bit of a news junkie.
  • Cycling - I have a Hybrid Bike (combination of mountain bike and road bike) which is superb for zooming around the city and occasionally taking me out to the country when I have the energy & motivation!  I enjoy commuting to/from work daily on it when the weather is OK!


  • Music - I have very wide-ranging tastes and a large CD collection.  Favourite place to listen is in the car where I tend to listen very loud indeed!
  • Gadgets - I'm improving now, but I used to buy every gadget available! I love making full use of my computer and mobile phone and need to know exactly how to operate everything!  This usually involves reading the instructions!!
  • My wee flat!  My first home of my own.  I enjoy thinking about all the things I could do to it, and then not doing any of them...
  • Photography - I enjoy my digital cameras (I had one of the very first in 1999) and you can see some of my photos on flickr.  I print out my favourites to keep.
  • Movies, especially old ones .
  • Hill Walking/hiking, I love to do this when I get the chance.  These pics are of me on Ben A'an and Ben Narnain.  From Glasgow its only about 45 mins max to a wide range of hills, munros and mountains to climb.

  • Travel - I've travelled fairly extensively in the US and Canada and now Spain I want to do much more of this when time/money allows.  Other places visited include Holland.
  • Computers - its my career and I do it every day but I still get a buzz from it and get excited by the new developments.

Family Highland Cottage

These pictures are of our wee croft (cottage) in Glenlivet, in a remote part of the highlands of Scotland.  It is right in the heart of Whisky country, which can be handy....especially since all the local distilleries offer FREE sample drams!!  It's also close to 2 of the best Ski centres in Scotland.

The air is always fresh & clean, our private spring water supply is pure and there is total peace and quiet in the evening, apart from the sound of farm animals in the distance and the burn tricking at the bottom of the field.  The mountains around the cottage are beautiful and offer great walking to those of us interested in such activities.  There is also great mountain biking.

The roads are incredible - empty, twisty, well surfaced....FUN! Great for fast driving or leisurely cycling. It's just fantastic to get onto them again after months of city commuting!  Its a perfect escape after a week in the busy city... unless you take your own Mini traffic jam with you!!!

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