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Cool Sites

(In alphabetical order) 

These are either friends, relatives or sites that I use myself frequently.

The Apollo Flight Journals -  A friend of mine, David Woods', put together this amazing site for NASA by scanning in and listening to millions of words worth of transcripts of the Apollo missions.  A herculean task to which he's devoted years of his life.  He also has a book "How Apollo Flew to the Moon" and contributed much of the sound for the film "In The Shadow of The Moon".

BBC Website - wonderful.  If there  could only be one website left on the whole internet, this should be the one!

BBC News - This is my web homepage, and the BBC is one of the reasons I enjoy living in Britain and am proud to be British.

British Pathé - amazing, huge archive of ALL British Pathe's newsreels!  You can view old movies for free.

Camvista - Webcams caught my interest very quickly.  The ability to see, "live", what was happening anywhere in the world still blows my mind.  I used to have a 'voyeurism' page here, in the mid 90s, when the very first webcams were coming online.  My favourites are the Panama Canal, George Square in Glasgow, Times Square New York, Nessie on the Net, Pyramid Cam, The South Pole

Flickr - Upload your own photos and take a wander through everybody else's!  Addictive stuff.  I'm at

Getty Images  - The pictures behind the news.

Google Earth - I found this when just before Google bought it and it was called Keyhole.  One of those defining moments when a new development blows your mind.  Absolutely amazing.  Find somewhere you know - fly to it across the planet, and then go down to take a worms eye view of it - suddenly all the hills and mountains spring up.

Google Images - find images of anything, instantly!

Google news - find news from anywhere, anytime about anything!  Configure 'news alerts' to keep you up to date on any topic.

The Guardian - excellent quality newspaper often taking a different view of things than the rest of the press.  I read it for the very simple reason that I always find something interesting in it.

Hidden Glasgow - excellent website and forums where I can lose myself for hours.

Internet Archive - go back in time!

Jennifer Wilson Art - Scottish S-Max driving Artist sister of mine.

Judith B's Site - Scottish Mini-driving Artist friend of mine.

Kevin Woods' site - Scottish mountain Ascents with interactive Google map, photography and statistics.  Still a work in progress so keep checking back for more!

MultiMap - great for finding somewhere or how to get somewhere.  The aerial maps are a great idea well implemented. - a great way to keep up with what's new on the net.  I've found lots of fascinating stuff from here.

The Metaphorical Toolbox - provide Personal Development Workshops, Individual Counselling, Counselling Skills Training and Development.... Make this year mark your personal rediscovery by choosing the next step: A Metaphorical Toolbox Workshop

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