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Ford Puma
MX-5 Miata
Austin Princess



I love cars and have done since a child!  Not just expensive ones or incredibly fast ones, but interesting ones.  I read the road tests and know which cars are good, which are not good and which ones are just plain boring!

Click on one of the cars below to enter the main sections of my cars section.

The Mini

Click here for huge mini section!

Extensive Section - hundreds of
pages - started in 1995!

Favourite Cars

A selection of my favourite cars - not necessarily incredibly expensive either!

Ford Puma

I only really discovered this wee gem in 2007.  Hugely successful and all road tests were full of glowing praise.

Leyland Princess AKA "The Wedge"

Click here for Princes "The Wedge" Section

This is not really one of my favourite cars, but my Dad had one and it left a
lasting impression due to its radical wedge shape (very radical for the time).

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Click here for MX-5 section


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